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Gavel Banging

We had a meeting so here are the minutes !!! If you missed the meeting you should probably read this !



Opening Ceremonies

Roll Call

Sheree Polonsky 1/1 Jen Arnold 1/1 Jessica Yifrach 1/1 Ashley Prosen 1/1 Nikki Bergman 1/1 Brett Gellman 1/1 Mallory Serbin 1/1

Officer Reports

Safranit- makin scrapbook soon

Orechet- none

Mazkirah-made calls goooo ashley!

Gizborit- Talk about during new business

Katvanit- takin minutes as we speak :)

Sh'licha- not here

Morah- gettin perspectives gooo ashley! hehe

S'ganit- Meetings may have themes... get excited! and be spirited!

N'siah- Any event ideas call Sheree. We can even plan them for you!

Old Business

- Kallah Convention- FUUUN!!!

- Mall Scavanger Hunt

- Web Postion filled by nikki!!! woo hooo

New Business

- Event with Machar and Marwin, Feb 22nd

- Sisterhood Convention, Feb 28- Mar 1st

- Fundraiser in near future (Sheree and Jen) probably in April Krispy Kremes

- Atz Chaim and Chai event March 8th 7-11 at Anna's house VEGAS NITE bring $10 and A BUNCH OF PENNIES

- Meeting March 6th at Jen's house 7-8pm (thurs)

- Chick Flick Marathon March 15th (Sat) Jen's House

- Chai Lunch @ Copenhagen on Burlingame Ave. on March 16 (sunday) around 1:30

- Beau Sweetheart March 29th

- Beau Sweetheart Business Meeting March 30th ALL GURLS SHOULD ATTEND

- Calls/ weekly info... being done? if not call Sheree to complain lol


- Chai cheer We're Sexy We're Cute We're Popular to boot! haha